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Twitter Wishes Tom Holland a Happy Birthday

Credit: Unsplash

For a large chunk of my adolescence, Tobey Maguire was my face of a live-action Spider-Man, mostly because he was the only one there was. No, Andrew Garfield does not count. So when it was announced that they’d be getting someone new to play the Web Head in the MCU, I wasn’t quite sure how to feel. Luckily, we got the unbridled acting charm of Tom Holland, and he’s been an absolute treasure ever since. If anyone deserves to have their birthday celebrated by the entirety of Twitter, it’s that guy.

Today, June 1, is Tom Holland’s 25th birthday. The young actor, born in 1996 in Kingston upon Thames in the United Kingdom, was first cast in his role as Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, at the young age of 19, and he’s been a beloved mainstay of the MCU for six years since. He’s not just a web-slinger, though; he also provided the voice of Ian Lightfoot in Pixar’s Onward, and was cast as Gregory Cromwell in the BBC’s Wolf Hall. He’s such a talented actor, I didn’t even know he was British until a couple of years after Captain America: Civil War, that’s how good he is at changing his accent.

In honor of this rising star, Twitter has been wishing Holland best birthday wishes all morning.

As for his continued presence in the MCU, Holland will naturally be reprising his role as Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is scheduled to release in theaters this coming December. Some fans were hoping we’d get a new trailer for this film in honor of Holland’s birthday, but unfortunately, that didn’t come to pass. Oh well, still plenty of reason to celebrate.

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