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Users Disappointed by the Leaked Windows 11

Credit: Unsplash

Many users find that each new version of the Windows operating system receives some level of resistance. The transition from Windows 10 was no exception, but users eventually accepted it despite its imperfections. However, the leaked Windows 11 version has raised concerns due to significant design changes that deviate from the familiar Windows interface.

The leaked Windows 11 build showcases a new design featuring softer, rounded windows, a dock-like taskbar, and a center-aligned start menu, reminiscent of Mac computers. These alterations may require users to adapt to a different layout, especially concerning the relocated start menu. Some older features from Windows Vista, such as the start-up sound and widgets, have made a return.

Aside from the cosmetic updates, Windows 11 seems to lack significant mechanical changes or fixes, disappointing users who were hoping for improvements, especially after the issues with Windows 10. The leaked version has received criticism on Twitter for its visual changes and perceived lack of substantial updates, leaving a less than favorable impression on users.

As this leaked build is unofficial and may potentially be inaccurate, there is hope that the final version of Windows 11 will undergo further changes before its official release. Microsoft will need to address these concerns to avoid a prolonged period of user discontent.

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