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Viral TikTok Video Uncovers Walmart Checkout Security Secrets

Credit: Unsplash

Having worked as a self-checkout attendant, I’ve had firsthand experience dealing with the challenges and nuances of the job. Despite the quirks and frustrations of malfunctioning machines and tricky customers, I can attest that preventing theft is a top priority. A recent viral TikTok video sheds light on the vigilance and awareness of self-checkout attendants, showcasing their ability to detect any attempts at shoplifting.

The video, shared by user @thewalmartguy69, captures a Walmart employee using a Zebra Technologies tracking device to monitor items being scanned at self-checkout registers. The video, captioned “POV: We know when you’re stealing,” also highlights the use of “register alerts” to flag potential issues or emergencies. This silent yet impactful clip underscores the keen observation skills of Walmart’s self-checkout attendants in identifying any suspicious behavior by shoppers.

Since its release, the video has garnered over 13 million views, sparking discussions about the efficacy of the technology featured in the footage.

However, some viewers expressed doubts about the accuracy and efficiency of the security measures showcased.

One commenter admitted, “I accidentally left the store with items worth $50+ because I forgot to pay for them.”

Another shared a similar experience, saying, “I unknowingly walked out with a large bag of dog food as it was hidden under my cart.”

One individual even joked, “I occasionally take a small item as compensation for being my own cashier. I deserve a little something for my efforts.”


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It’s essential to note that the effectiveness of self-checkout attendants in preventing theft often depends on their level of commitment to their job. While I diligently ensured no theft occurred during my shifts, I cannot vouch for instances beyond my watch.

One commenter shared a candid perspective, stating, “Walmart didn’t pay me enough to be overly concerned. If I spotted someone stealing, I wouldn’t hesitate to look the other way.”

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