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Weird Al and Daniel Radcliffe chat about making ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’

Collaboration on a Funny Film

The Roku Channel recently premiered Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, a mock biopic that humorously depicts the life of the iconic musician and parody artist, Weird Al Yankovic. Daniel Radcliffe takes on the lead role in the film, which has gained praise for capturing the essence of a typical biopic while maintaining a comedic tone throughout.

In a discussion with Polygon, Yankovic, Radcliffe, and the film’s director, Eric Appel, delved into the production process and the intricate details of working on a comedy-centered project.

“In creating this comedy, we opted to infuse it with drama,” explained Appel. “By embracing the drama, we allow the comedy to arise from the inherent strangeness played out in a completely serious manner.”

Yankovic added, “I can’t pinpoint what defines comedy. However, in this instance, as Eric mentioned, the humor stems from surprise but is rooted in genuine, relatable situations that take unexpected turns.”

The conversation highlighted a specific scene in the movie, where various well-known actors were enlisted to portray 80s-era celebrities at a pool party reminiscent of scenes from ‘Boogie Nights’.

“I scanned through my contacts and compiled a list of friends I thought would be interested, then sent out some emails,” shared Yankovic. “Luckily, we were shooting in LA — initially, the plan was Atlanta due to tax incentives. Fortunately, Roku increased the budget slightly, allowing us to film in LA. This enabled many of my friends to join in on this wild pool party scene in the Valley.”

“I learned during this press tour that the pool scene pays homage to ‘Boogie Nights,'” Radcliffe chimed in. “There have definitely been references that I only just got now.”

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