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Will Hayes And Soléne Reunite in the Final Scene of ‘The Idea Of You’?

The ending of ‘The Idea of You’ leaves audiences with a hopeful uncertainty about what lies ahead for Hayes and Solène.

Prepare to fall in love with Hayes Campbell and Solène Marchand from the movie ‘The Idea of You’ if you haven’t already.

The recent film, starring Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway, follows the story of 40-year-old Solène embarking on a passionate relationship with 24-year-old pop star Hayes Campbell. Despite the obstacles and age difference, their love blossoms. But do they end up together in the end?

The conclusion of ‘The Idea of You’ differs from the original novel by Robinne Lee, hinting at a new direction for Hayes and Solène’s relationship. Let’s delve into how the movie wraps up and what it means for their future.

Eventually, Hayes visits Solène and proposes a plan to “reconnect” in five years, after her daughter Izzy finishes school and he transitions to a more private life. Solène finds the timeline too long, and they agree to pursue happiness with others if the chance arises.

Five years later, Solène is 45 with a revamped look, Izzy is in college, and 29-year-old Hayes has become a successful solo artist with a more mature appearance.

Solène sees him performing on a talk show, where he hints about a trip to LA to see someone special.

In the final scene, Hayes appears at Solène’s art gallery. They share smiles, and a tear of happiness runs down Solène’s cheek.

Although the film’s ending is open to interpretation and doesn’t definitively confirm their reunion, it strongly implies their readiness to commit to each other. The future of their relationship remains uncertain, leaving viewers to speculate.

In contrast to the book’s ending, which doesn’t show any reconciliation, the movie offers a more positive and promising resolution. Despite Hayes’ efforts to reconnect, Solène chooses to move forward with her life.

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