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World’s Highest Hotel Opens in China

Credit: Unsplash

It’s kind of remarkable to me the absolute mad lengths the owners of luxury hotels will go to in order to seem more important. Case in point, for a long while now, the cities of Shanghai and Dubai have been locked in an ever-escalating war to see who can create the world’s tallest luxury hotel. Never mind the fact that there are plenty of lovely places to stay in both cities already; if it ain’t piercing the heavens, it ain’t tall enough. Dubai currently holds the record with the Gevora Hotel, which reaches 1,168 feet, but Shanghai recently got quite the tall drink of water itself.

Last week, the J Hotel Shanghai Tower opened its doors, and holy moly, is it tall. Built on top of the already-established Shanghai Tower, the J’s point reaches up to about 2,000 feet in height. However, there’s a bit of a technicality that prevents it from taking the Gevora’s place: the Guinness Book of World Records stipulates that in order to hold the record of tallest hotel, the entire building must be a hotel. The J is only a small part of an existing structure, so it doesn’t count. But while it’s not the tallest hotel in the world, its elevation does give it the honor of being the highest hotel in the world, pending confirmation.

As for the J’s contents, it’s got 165 rooms with 34 suites, as well as amenities like an indoor pool, on-call butler service, a deluxe spa, and multiple restaurants. According to price estimates obtained by CNN Travel, the cheapest room in the property costs 3,601 RMB (about $557) per night, while the highest quality suite, the J Suite, costs 67,628 RMB per night (about $10,467). So if you’re an obscenely wealthy person and want a comfortable way to quite literally look down upon the world, consider the J for your next vacation.

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