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YouTuber Markiplier Cuts Podcast Deal with Spotify

Episodes of Markiplier’s podcasts and other content will stream exclusively on Spotify.

Mark Edward Fischbach, better known by his online handle of Markiplier, is one of YouTube’s most popular and successful content creators with over 34 million subscribers and videos that regularly score billions of views. Thanks to his likeable personality and enjoyable content, Markiplier has managed to branch out into a variety of different entertainment endeavors, from television to podcasting. In both cases, that content will soon have a new home.

Markiplier has signed a new contract with streaming platform Spotify to bring video episodes from his two podcasts Distractible and Go! My Favorite Sports Team to the platform for exclusive streaming. Additionally, Markiplier is planning on creating more, entirely original content for Spotify in the future.

When asked by Variety how this partnership came about, Markiplier explained that he and his friends “make content, because we want to make a really enjoyable experience for people while still being like authentic and genuine. We’ve been doing that for quite a while now; even before Distractible, we were always doing that. So it’s a strange thing to come now and there be an official partnership behind it. It was really a conversation that we had. I just explained my motivations for making things, the drive I have for creating not just with audio podcasting, but in all things that I do. That’s probably what led more to the partnership than just being like ‘Oh, ‘Distractible’ is successful, ‘Go’ is successful.” I think they do believe in creators and believe in the people that are making the things that people enjoy.’”

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