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Zayn Malik Shares Hilarious Reason Behind His Pursuit of a Music Career

On a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, leading up to his event in London, Zayn Malik revealed an amusing anecdote about what initially drove him to pursue a career in music—and the story is absolutely priceless.

As Zayn gears up to release his new album titled ‘Room Under The Stairs,’ his tour of promotional appearances has been a delightful spectacle for fans.

For over a decade, fans have followed Zayn’s musical evolution from his early days with One Direction. Yet, even after 14 years in the spotlight, there’s still new and entertaining information emerging about the ‘What I Am’ singer-songwriter.

While chatting on The Kelly Clarkson Show in the States, Zayn shared that although he dabbled in singing earlier, he didn’t seriously consider it until he was around 15 or 16 years old.

He joked, “I wanted to hang out with them, so I ended up joining the choir,” prompting Kelly to playfully respond, “Well, I hope they’re watching right now to see the incredible impact they’ve had.”

Indeed, those three young women undoubtedly played an unexpected role in shaping cultural history. Because of them, we’ve been gifted with Zayn’s signature sound—a world without it is unimaginable.

Now, at the age of 31 and 23 years into his musical journey, Zayn steps into a new chapter with his fourth studio project, transitioning from chart-topping pop tunes like ‘PILLOWTALK’ to the more reflective subtleties present in songs like ‘Alienated’.

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