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Zayn’s Recent Revelations About his Relationship with Gigi Hadid Have Upset Some of His Fans

During a recent conversation with Zach Sang, Zayn opened up about his romantic life, which has left some of his supporters surprised by the comments he made regarding his connection with Gigi Hadid.

While discussing his new music and the upcoming album ‘Room Under The Stairs’, Zayn spoke candidly about his personal life.

In a chat with podcaster Zach Sang, the singer of ‘What I Am’ was asked, “Looking back on your past, do you ever think, ‘I was in love’?”

Fans of Zayn and Gigi Hadid should brace themselves – his response was, “When you ask, ‘what does love mean,’ I find it difficult to answer because I’m not sure if I’ve truly experienced true love.”

One commentator remarked, “It’s a somewhat puzzling response, but it’s sad to think that he didn’t have strong feelings for Gigi.”

Other reactions included comments like, “I love him, but this is shocking considering he was engaged!!!” and “Gigi must be upset somewhere.” Despite this, most comments from his fans suggested that he has yet to feel love because he has not encountered it… keep dreaming, folks!

Zayn was previously engaged to Little Mix star Perrie Edwards, and there were reports that he proposed to Gigi but was turned down due to her young age. With both these relationships not lasting, it backs up his statement of never truly experiencing love.

Although he and Gigi are co-parenting their child, Zayn hinted later in the conversation that he is completely “done” with their romantic relationship.

Zayn discussed how their breakup inspired his song ‘Alienated’, and when asked by Zach if the song marks the end of that chapter or if there’s room for more, he firmly stated, “It’s a conclusion.” He emphasized the importance of closure, saying, “Wrap things up and declare that it’s over, I’m done with this. This feeling is out and I can now move forward.”

He mentioned that the song doesn’t serve as closure for him as he has found closure in reality, indicating that he has “moved on” from that phase in his life.

While he didn’t specifically mention anyone, given his child with Gigi and the family tensions that followed, it seems likely that she was the most tumultuous chapter in his romantic past.

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