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Nicholas Galitzine Jokes About Co-Stars Teasing His Signature Dance

Nicholas Galitzine, known for ‘The Idea Of You’, shares a humorous moment when his co-stars in August Moon critiqued his unique dance move.

Nicholas Galitzine, recognized for his singing talents, freely admits that dance isn’t his strongest suit.

The star of Mary & George revealed that during rehearsals for the August Moon Coachella show, featured in the romantic comedy The Idea of You, his colleagues called him out on a certain dance move that was, well, rather awkward.

His fellow cast members, unlike Nicholas, came from dance-focused backgrounds. They were putting together a polished and synchronized show, reminiscent of the stylings of BTS.

Amidst perfecting their choreography, Nicholas was holding onto what his peers dubbed the ‘t**ty swipe’, a move he mistakenly believed he had seen somewhere. Upon looking back, it was nowhere to be found in the choreography, leading to some ribbing from the group.

“I received quite the scolding for that move,” he said. “They pointed it out to me, ‘You’ve repeatedly brought to our rehearsals your t**ty swipe.'”

“Fortunately, I let that one go,” he added with relief.

Certainly, many fans of The Idea Of You might have had a soft spot for a little display of chest-swiping courtesy of Nicholas’s character, Hayes Campbell.

August Moon has often been paralleled with One Direction, especially considering the character Hayes was in part inspired by Harry Styles, as per the author Robinne Lee.

Still, Nicholas points out that they visually leaned towards emulating groups like BTS and BLACKPINK more than One Direction.

He goes on to say that August Moon’s music carries a ‘nineties vibe’ that sets it apart from what One Direction was known for.

On the topic of the comparisons between his character and Harry Styles, Nicholas emphasized caution, stating, “It’s crucial that we avoid overblown comparisons,” he explained.

“Given [Harry Styles] is a real person with a distinct presence in music and film, it’s important to honor their uniqueness rather than insinuate a straightforward imitation.”

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