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Bill Murray Talks About Changing Industry Standards

Last month, the filming of the movie “Being Mortal,” directed by Aziz Ansari and featuring Bill Murray and Seth Rogan, came to a halt due to a complaint from cast and crew members regarding Murray’s behavior on set.

An anonymous source mentioned to Page Six, “He was very touchy and hands-on, not in a personal manner, but he would put his arm around a woman, touch her hair, or pull her ponytail in a comedic way. While his actions were not illegal, some women felt uncomfortable, sensing that he had crossed a line.”

Recently, Murray talked to CNBC about the incidents, attributing them to differing opinions on what is considered appropriate behavior. He stated, “We had a disagreement; I had a different perspective from a woman I was working with. I did something I found amusing, but it wasn’t received that way.” He added, “The production company wanted to do the right thing, so they halted production to investigate. Currently, we are in discussions, attempting to reconcile.”

Murray further expressed, “We are both professionals, we appreciate each other’s work, and we like each other, I believe. If we cannot work together harmoniously and trust each other, there’s no point in continuing to collaborate or making the movie.” He reflected, “It has been a valuable learning experience for me.”

He also acknowledged the evolution of humor over time, stating, “What I found funny as a child may not be amusing now. Things evolve, and so do societal norms. It’s essential for me to adapt and understand.” Murray added, “I see it as a tragic situation for a dog that refuses to learn. I don’t want to be that dog, and I am determined not to be.”

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