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Anton Danyluk Clears Up Rumors About His Relationship with Georgia Harrison

Anton addressed the speculation about a possible split with Georgia H with a single social media post, amid rumors linking him to Hannah Elizabeth.

Anton Danyluk and Georgia Harrison were an unexpected couple from Love Island All Stars and appeared to be a perfect match.

Speculation arose recently when a video shared by Georgia hinted at a breakup. This speculation grew when Anton was seen with fellow Love Island star Hannah Elizabeth during a night out in Mayfair.

Anton and his mom Sharie Ann, who co-hosts his podcast ‘What’s The Crack’, joined Hannah for the evening. In a lighthearted moment on Instagram, Anton jokingly referred to Hannah as his “wifey,” suggesting a close friendship.

During the interaction, Anton revealed that he has been with Georgia for only a short period, prompting playful remarks from those present.

Despite the teasing, it is clear that Anton and Georgia’s relationship is solid, as discussions about having a child would not occur with an ex-partner.

Anton engaged with his followers by conducting a poll about the possibility of another Love Island baby, echoing the playful nature of the conversation.

Fans are eagerly awaiting any official confirmation of Anton and Georgia’s relationship status, as their bond seems strong even though an official announcement may be pending.

While breakup rumors may linger until the pair is seen together publicly once more, recent events suggest that their connection remains intact.

Georgia’s absence due to a wellness retreat abroad might delay a reunion with Anton, adding further intrigue to their unfolding story.

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