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Zendaya’s Perspective on Shouldering Family Responsibilities in Her Childhood

Zendaya began her journey as a performer in commercials at the young age of 12.

Looking back on her early days as a child star, Zendaya now expresses regret for not having gone through traditional schooling.

Although Zendaya is best known for her roles in Euphoria, Dune, and the Spider-Man movies, her career started in commercials and projects like Kidz Bop when she was 12. Her fame rose through shows like Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover on Disney Channel, establishing her as a prominent star among her peers.

Presently, Zendaya reveals her feelings as an adult about the early responsibilities she had in working and supporting her family.

Zendaya admits that she’s now beginning to understand adulthood on a deeper level. She explains: “I’m currently going through a rebellious teenage phase, which I missed out on earlier. It felt like I was pushed into a very grown-up role suddenly: I took on financial responsibilities for my family at a young age, resulting in numerous role changes.”

Zendaya also shares that having to mature early was tough, feeling a constant pressure to be perfect and live up to everyone’s expectations.

She acknowledges that her early start in the industry makes it hard for her to fully enjoy the successes she achieves today. She says: “Now, when I reach milestones in my career, like starring in a movie premiering in theaters for the first time, I feel a sense of shrinking, which hinders my ability to appreciate all the positive things happening around me.”

In her closing remarks, she mentions: “I carry a lot of tension within me, stemming from my childhood experiences, which didn’t allow me the freedom to experiment. I wish I had the chance to pursue an education.”

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